Saturday, May 25, 2024

 5/25/24  We can approach each day with a positive cheerful attitude, or we can find fault with everything and everyone.  Pastor Bruce  

 Calm, sunshine, 48 degrees.  Sunshine today with a high of 74, a NW breeze. clouds tonight with a light NNW breeze, a low of 53.   Clouds tomorrow with an ENE breeze, a high of 74, a low of 50.  Clodus Monday with a strong ESE breeze, a high of 64, a low of 55.  Rain Tuesday with a stiff south breeze, a high of 73, a low of 57.  Partly cloudy Wednesday with a stiff SW breeze, a high of 77, a low of 51.   Some showers Thursday with a NNW breeze, a high of 67, a low of 49.  Partly cloudy Friday with a NE breeze, a high of 67, a low of 47.  Partly cloudy next Saturday and Sunday with east breezes, highs of 70 and 74, lows about 50.  Showers start Monday afternoon, the 3rd and last through the 8th with highs in the mid seventies, lows in the mid fifties.  Showers, not rain so the days will not be wash outs.

     A flock of hummingbirds is called a Charm.  Last night we had such a large charm of hummingbirds at the feeders in the kitchen garden that I had to refill them first thing this morning.  There are hummingbirds at the two feeders by the front of the garage but not so many that we can't count  them.
      My doctor jumped through enough hoops to get the hospital to agree to give me an iron transfusion without seeing a specialist.   I couldn't get to see a specialist until September.  It was Friday afternoon so now I have to wait until Monday to schedule it.
      Pie pumpkins and a second round of cucumbers were planted in four inch pots yesterday.  Heather planted some flowers yesterday but no vegetables were planted.  Weeding was on yesterday's to do list.  And checking for cucumber beetles., even under the row covers.  It seems early to be battling them.  The result of a mild winter?
      Gilbert's watermelon seeds are germinating.  This forecast shows why they are started late and why they stay in the warm greenhouse until mid June.  Jay will be planting ours today.  By planting the zucchini and summer squash in the garden he made room for pots of melons in the greenhouse.  The squash is planted in black plastic with remay over the rows to keep them warm.
     May your day be blessed, Sally

Friday, May 24, 2024

 5/24/24  joy is everywhere; it is in the earth's green covering of grass; in the blue serenity of the sky.

 .30 of rain yesterday.   Now there is a gentle SW breeze, clear, 59 degrees.  A high of 77 today, mostly sun, a WSW wind.  Clear tonight  with a WNW breeze, a low of 49.  Sunshine tomorrow with a brisk NW breeze, a high of 74, a low of 53.  Partly cloudy Sunday with an east breeze, high of 74, a low of 51.  PM showers Monday lasting through Tuesday.  A strong SE breeze Monday with a high of 68, a low of 57.  A brisk south breeze Tuesday with a high of 73, a low of 56.  Possible PM showers Wednesday with a WSW breeze, a high of 76, a low of 51.  Clouds Thursday with a NNW breeze, a high of 70, a low of 49.  Partly cloudy next Friday with a north breeze, a high of 70, a low of 49.  Partly cloudy next weekend with  highs about 76, lows about 51.  A NE breeze Saturday, A SE breeze Sunday.  Partly cloudy the week of the 3rd with a chance of showers Tuesday and Wednesday.  SE breezes, highs in the mid seventies, lows in the mid fifties.

    I went to Corinth for Pt in the morning.  Whitney's had boxes for the greenhouse but not until one.  I went back to Corinth at one,  Whitney's did have lots of boxes perfect for sending plants home in.   I got home with them before the afternoon round of rain.  While in Corinth the second time I got new bulbs for the overhead kitchen light.  I asked the clerk if I could transition to LED bulbs.   He thought so.  Lesson, LED bulbs will fit many oler fixtures but will not work.  So back to Corinth to exchange the bulbs for old fashioned fluorescent bulbs.  The kitchen is very bright now, we hadn't realized how dim the old bulbs were.  UPS bought an under the shelf light for over the electric range.  No more using the tange with a flashlight in our hand!  The morning and afternoon rains were enough so I didn't have to water the pansies in the church box.. The gardens and lawns were happy to soak up the rain but it wasn't enough for Jay to stop watering.
    Jay weeded carrots between customers yesterday.  Weeding carrots is slow tedious work.  He worked on them late into the evening.  Bekah planted more seeds and did more transplanting.  She has another round of broccoli plants for people who like to plant their broccoli later in the season.  A pallet of Lambert soil bales was delivered.  Promix has become so expensive we have switched to Lambert.  The quality seems about the same.  Two 4 gallon jugs of Nature's source fertilizer were also on the truck.   The onions and cucumbers like to have the liquid fertilizer  in their water every few weeks.  Not only do they need lots of water, they are heavy feeders.   Other plants do well with the boost also.
    We go through a couple gallons of iced tea each day.  I've been making a quart of hummingbird nectar at the same time.  Because the hummingbirds were feeding on the chestnut tree blossoms I didn't make hummingbird food yesterday morning.  So many came back to the feeders last night I had to make some.  Rose Breasted grosbeaks have started coming to eat sunflower seeds.
    May your day be blessed, Sally

Thursday, May 23, 2024

 5/23/24 “Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you.”

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

 5/21/24  Your life is the result of your choices.  If you don't like your life  make different choices.

Clouds, patchy fog, gentle south breeze, 53 degrees.  Clouds will give way to sun and clouds with a brisk SSW breeze, a high of 83.  Clouds tonight, slight chance of a shower A SSW breeze, a low of 58.   Isolated thunderstorms tomorrow with a SW breeze, a high of 85, a low of 60.

40% chance of showers Wednesday night.  Scattered thunderstorms Thursday with a SW breeze, a high of 80, a low of 57.  Sunshine Friday with a stiff WSW breeze, a high of 83, a low of 56.  Partly cloudy Saturday with a WSW breeze, a high of 79, a low of 53.  A daily chance of showers Monday through June 4th with mostly easterly breezes.  Highs in the upper sixties Monday through Thursday the 30th.  Lows about 52.  Highs about 70, lows of 51 Friday the 31st  And Saturday the 1st.  Highs in the mid seventies the next three days, lows about 55.
      Another busy day helping customers.  A lot of planting was done.   Black plastic was laid for the second round of cucumbers and winter squash.  Another pallet of soil and two more jugs of Nature's Source was ordered.  We ordered fresh carrot seed from Johnny's yesterday as the planting of carrots didn't germanite.  Gilbert ordered watermelon seed and Bekah got some Big moose pumpkin seeds and white pumpkin seed for painting pumpkins.  Azalea wanted to plant some Atlantic giant pumpkins.  Gilbert gave her a couple of his seedlings , made a spot with lots of compost and helped her plant them.
     The horse chestnut tree is in bloom.  The buzzing of bees and the buzzing of hummingbird wings is so loud you can't stand under the tree and carry on a conversation.  There are still lots of finches coming to the feeders in the kitchen garden.  I've checked a couple of times and there are no cats this morning.  Hopefully they got the idea the garden is off limits.
     Medicaid said I needed to see a specialist before getting an iron transfusion.  The soonest there was an opening to see one is September.  My doctor saw no reason for that.  Yesterday was spent on the phone.  My doctor's nurse believes she can get an appointment for Thursday or Friday.  I'm looking forward to working in my gardens today.  May God bless you, Sally

Monday, May 20, 2024

 5/20/24  Gardening adds life to your years and years to you life.

 Calm with clouds and fog, 53 degrees.  Clouds this morning, partly cloudy this afternoon with a SSW breeze and a high of 77.  A few clouds tonight with patchy fog, a SSW breeze, a low of 54.  Partly cloudy tomorrow and Wednesday with a WSW breeze, highs in the mid eighties, lows in the low sixties.  Possibly a thunderstorm Wednesday PM.  Thunderstorms Thursday with a SW breeze, a high of 82, a low of 68.  Sunshine Friday and Saturday. with brisk west breezes.  A high of 78 Friday, 72 Saturday.  Lows of 48.  Partly cloudy Sunday with an ESE breeze, a high of 70, a low of 48.  Cloudy  next Monday with a SSE breeze, a high of 68, a low of 54.  Showers the next three days with easterly breezes, highs around 70, lows about 53.  Partly cloudy the first three days of June with highs in the mid seventies, lows about 54.

     Church yesterday morning.  The nursery was very busy in the afternoon.  Bekah spent the evening refilling the display area.
     I've chased cats away from the hummingbird feeders twice this morning.  I may have to set up a hose so I can hit them with a stream of water.
     Everyone will be watering and planting this week.  Bekah and Jay are expecting lots of customers as people get ready to plant.  May your day be blessed, Sally

Sunday, May 19, 2024

 5/19/24  The next time you don't know what to do remember that God always does.  Just ask Him.

 .04 of rain.  Clouds, gentle NE breeze, 53 degrees.  Clouds today with an east breeze, a high of 66.  Partly cloudy this evening, clouds over night, a light south breeze, a low of 52.  Partly cloudy tomorrow with a SSW breeze, a high of 75, a low of 53.  Partly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday with SW breezes, highs about 87, lows about 60.  PM thunderstorms Thursday with a brisk SW breeze, a high of 83, a low of 57.  Partly cloudy Friday with a stiff west breeze, a high of 76, a low of 51.  Partly cloudy this weekend with  highs of 71, lows of 49.  A NNW breeze Saturday, a SE breeze Sunday.  Cloudy Memorial Day with a south breeze, a high of 72, a low of 51. Lots of clouds and occasion showers the rest of the work week with highs in the low seventies, and lows in the low fifties.  Cloudy the weekend of the 1st and 2ed with highs about 73, lows of 53.

     Heather came and did the week's books yesterday.  It was another good week.  Will there be enough good weeks so they can build another greenhouse this fall?  There was a steady stream of customers.  Boxes of vegetable plants as well as shrubs and flowers are leaving now.    Bekah has more brocoli to transplant as well as flower seedlings.  She wants to have plants for people who start their gardens later and for people that move to camp.   In between customers Jay is getting our vegetables planted.
     Our pie pumpkin seeds didn't germinate.  Yesterday I went to Bangor and got New England pie pumpkin seeds from Blue Seal.  Pie pumpkins are becoming more popular as people learn all the different ways pumpkins can be used in cooking.  I also went to Sam's.  I haven't been to the new Reny's.  Maybe after the iron transfusion I'll have enough energy to go to  more than one store!
      Church this morning, maybe I'll start on the sunflower patch this afternoon.  May your day be blessed, Sally

Saturday, May 18, 2024

 5/18/24 Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago. 

We watched the rain go around us yesterday.   Clouds this morning with showers this afternoon.  A high of 70, an east breeze.  Intermittent showers tonight with a light east breeze, a low of 53.  Clouds tomorrow with an east breeze, a high of 69, a low of 51.  Partly cloudy Monday with a brisk SSW breeze, a high of 76, a low of 52.   Partly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday with brisk SSW breezes, highs in the mid eighties, lows about 59.  Scattered thunderstorms Thursday with  a brisk SW breeze, a high of 81, a low of 58.  Partly cloudy Friday with a strong west breeze, a high of 77, a low of 52.  Partly cloudy next Weekend with highs about 73, lows about 49.  A NNW breeze Saturday, an east breeze Sunday.  Perhaps a shower next Monday morning with an ESE breeze, a high of 69, a low of 51. Cloudy with occasional showers the 28th through the 31st with southerly breezes, highs in the low seventies, lows in the low fifties.  Partly cloudy Saturday, June 1st with a WSW breeze, a high of 75, a low of 54.

      I spent most of yesterday by the phone. (Cell service is too poor here to get rid of the landline)  I was waiting for the doctor's office to call about my bloodwork results.  They had me go to the health center for more tests.  The doctor is scheduling me for an iron transfusion.  I am on maintenance iron because pemphigoid interferes with the production of red blood cells.  The maintenance iron wasn't enough to prevent me from getting anemic.  I filled hummingbird feeders.  I need to fill a favorite feeder again this morning.
     Heather got the rest of the strawberry plants planted.  A job she was glad to get done with.  Now she can get back to her flowers.  The greenhouse is getting hot so  Bekah moved most of the plants outside.  She also did more transplanting and of course she watered and helped customers.
     Jay finished rocking around the pond.  No more leaks and it looks good.  He has a little more rock work he wants to do but needs just the right rock.  His day started at 7:30, waiting on a customer who had asked to come early.  The customer needed landscaping suggestions.  He also wanted plants that would confuse mosquitoes and black flies as he lives on a stream.
     Doug has been cutting grass and taking it to his beef cows, Bekah has done the same with the dairy heifers.  Feeding some grass before turning them out on pasture prevents digestive upsets.  Today is the day they go to the pasture. The mothers will be so excited to be on the pasture they will be frolicking like their little calves..
      May God bless you on this day, Sally